The confusion that now emerges from several chapters of ONE PIECE The spread across the island of Onigashima appears to have led to a new impending clash, which will have as protagonist the navigator of the Mugiwara, Nami. Indeed, the latest published tables have shown that he is taking direct action in the face of an action that is downright gruesome.

It is consumed in the sky of Onigashima the intense fight between Monkey D. Luffy and Kaiser KaidoThe pirates of the hundred beasts continue to sow destruction and terror in the streets of the island. Given the brutality of recent events and especially after to the blow that Ulti gave little TamaNami threw the glove at the star, which is one of the six flying companions of Kaido's crew.

In fact, in the last table of Chapter 1012, Master Eiichiro Oda showed us the determination, mixed with deep concern, of Nami, upset about what she just saw, meets Ulti with a blow of his stick in the face. Mugiwara could do alone, but Big Mommy's instant responsewho maintains a maternal attitude towards little Tama could form an extravagant alliance.

Recall that an artist recreated the conflict between Marco and King in a great painting, and we leave you to the first spoilers in chapter 1013.

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