Neon Genesis Evangelion is a franchise that has almost become iconic in Japan, a real backbone of the Japanese animation industry and one of the most popular titles ever exported outside of the rising sun. So it is precisely for this reason that there are so many companies looking to start the collaboration saga.

In the last few weeks the masterpiece of Hideaki year got through the latest promotions alongside numerous major brands such as Undercover, for a jacket worth over 6000 euros or with SAINT Mxxxxxx for a themed sweater.

However, this time Evangelion has partnered with another famous company in Japan, JINS glassesto market personalized glasses promoted by two of the opera's favorite faces, Shinji and Asuka. In addition to these two models, there is a third one, inspired by the EVA 01 unit, but with the function of sunglasses. Any of these glasses that you can still watch through the gallery at the bottom of the news They start at a base price of $ 120 to which the costs for prescription lenses and any modifications must be added.

Instead, what do you think of this umpteenth collaboration between Neon Genesis Evangelion and a range of accessories? Let us know with a comment below.

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