The Uchiha clan is the most intriguing of them Naruto thanks to the eyesight of these ninjas. Within this clan, some very powerful personalities have also emerged, individuals with powers beyond imagination. This spontaneously raises the question: Who would win a fight between Madara and Itachi?

Despite the story's ending, it's a popular belief that the strongest Uchiha of all time is Madara, given the amount of techniques available in his arsenal. Nevertheless, an eventual confrontation with Itachi could lead to interesting insights given the brother's incredible talent sasuke who managed to wipe out his own clan all by himself.

The user hadjime_shi namely shot a purely amateur film that lasts over 2 minutes in which he imagines you Ninja fight between Madara and Itachi. The final result, which you can admire at the end of the news, was very appreciated thanks to the fluid movements, the great choreography and the great creativity of the artist. The conclusion is not fully shown, but at the end of the clip we can see the two Uchihas unleash their Susanoo, the hypnotic Sharingan's trump card, with Madaras being at least a few times larger than Itachis.

And you, on the other hand, who do you think would emerge victorious from this battle? As always, let us know yours with a comment below.

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