In addition to the protagonists of Naruto, there are many surrounding characters that enrich the story and make the Leaf Ninja's past more understandable, which justifies some of their behaviors and tactics. One of them is undoubtedly Sakumo Hatake, known as White FangSire of Kakashi and Ninja with great potential.

White Fang He was considered an incredible ninja, so much so that in Chapter 240 of Naruto Minato says about him like this: " was a shinobi of such a caliber that even the name of the legendary ninja has been overshadowed before him". So let's go and discover the secrets of the great Sakumo Hatake.

The White Fang events that we have news of begin in Great Ninja Warin which the Leaf's shinobi took the father's life from sasoriwhich makes him an orphan. Chiyo Della Sabbia therefore decided to take revenge, but failed in the enterprise. Years later, the elderly woman meets Kakashi at the Sand Village and mistakes him for White Fang and attacks him. However, he stops his brother first Ebizo reminds her that Sakumo is dead, but she is shocked to discover that Kakashi is her son.

After the Great Ninja War, Sakumo and his team were sent to Konoha on a mission of vital importance, which White Fang decided to take on at a difficult time the life of the companions in completing the mission. So he was slandered by the land of fire and its inhabitants.

Sakumo lost his honor, fell into depression, and gradually lost all his virtues as well. Can't take the situation anymore White Fang eventually committed suicidethe. However, he remained in limbo, awaiting his son's forgiveness for the deed he had done.

That only comes when kakashi will perish in battle Pains, so ends up in Limbo, where a long conversation with his father will take place. Naruto's master then confides in the man that he has forgiven him and that he understood the reasons why he came to end his life. Sakumo then goes to the afterlife and speaks these words to his son: "Thank you for forgiving I can go in peace. And finally see your mother..."

Regarding the White Fang's skills In battle, we know very little: he used a white chakra blade, which Kakashi later inherited.

So here is the story of Sakumo Hatake, the legendary ninja who made history. We leave you to the debut of Naruto Shippuden Season 12 on Crunchyroll and the cosplay of the adult Hinata from The Last in the photos of Enji Night.

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