Since his very first appearance facing the trio of the then fledgling Team 7, Kakashi Hatake has won the favor of audiences who are still hoping for his return in the pages of the sequel. Boruto: Naruto the next generations. But why is it so loved? Let’s analyze his character and zodiac sign.

With his sharingan and cheerful and mysterious personality that can inspire fear, Kakashi has always been one of the most beloved protagonists of Naruto fandom. The sixth Hokage is about to return in Boruto 260, but is his character directly related to his zodiac sign?

The Leaf Copying Ninja was therefore born on September 15th Data book of workand that means he was born under the constellation Virgo, an earth sign. Anyone born under the Virgo stars is said to be down to earth, methodical, detailed and solid in their work. But Virgos are not perfect as their high expectations and constant criticism can make them frustrating and annoying. Sometimes they are pretentious and lacking in humor. Here is a cosplay of Kakashi by Jörg Roth.

The description of the Virgo sign seems to fit Kakashi’s character perfectly. He who became the Sixth Hokage always was one bright and insightful shinobi, who have followed the protocol to complete the work according to the manual. Also, he often scolded Obito and Naruto for their impulsive and fiery behavior. Do you think Kakashi’s stars suit him or is it just a coincidence?

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