Naruto is a historical anime. It was Studio Pierrot in 2002 to bring to life the animated version of the well-known Masashi Kishimoto manga that was causing a sensation at Weekly Shonen Jump at the time. The blond ninja’s adventures were appreciated by everyone from the start thanks to the story woven by Kishimoto and his characters.

However, credit goes to the acronyms introduced in the Naruto anime and the music that opened and closed the episodes appropriately. Let’s see them together five of the most beautiful Naruto acronyms, selected from the nine opening and fifteen endings of the 220-episode anime.

  • Naruto Ending 01 – “Wind”: Let’s start with a final theme, the first created by Yoshio Akeboshi, one of the most famous in the saga.
  • Naruto Opening 02 – “Haruka Kanata”: Asian Kung Fu Generations have been selected to open the episodes related to the Chunin Exam saga. Because of this, the song goes well with the video depicting all the participants in this long and arduous tournament.
  • Naruto Opening 04 – “Go!”: The third theme we choose from the world of Naruto is that prepared by Flow. If the video is very simple and a series of characters scrolls horizontally, the prepared song will manage to create a good rhythm that will be unforgettable.
  • Naruto opening 06 – “No Boy no Cry”: The Stance Punks song is a legendary Naruto theme song with a fast paced pace and powerful tones that was appropriate for the moment the anime rolled through, with the end of Sasuke’s chase arc.
  • Naruto Ending 07 – “Mountain A Go Go Two”: played by Captain Straydum, it’s an excellent closing theme, accompanied by a more special but certainly engaging video.

Unfortunately, some acronyms that deserve a mention have been left off your list. What do you think are the top five Naruto acronyms? We also review some of the historical moments from the Naruto manga as a Team 7 cosplay takes us back in time.

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