Besieged by a deep desire for revenge, Sasuke defeated Naruto and fled from the Blattdorf to improve his techniques and finally to face his brother, who had exterminated the Uchiha clan a few years earlier. However, did you know that this backstory is related to Sasuke's Kirin?

We are waiting for the release of the new dubbed episodes of Naruto Shippuden, as we follow the story of one of the most fascinating battles ever built by Masashi Kishimoto. The clash between brothers was indeed one of the most anticipated events by readers who have long waited for the two ninjas to face each other. But already at that time the sensei had indirectly revealed the not so evil nature of Itachi, that's why.

So as a user who was recently shared on Reddit, the Kirin from Sasuke is inspired by the Japanese mythical creature "Quilin", a creature in and of itself peaceful but capable of becoming extremely violent against the wicked and the evildoers through a deadly and angry wave of pure justice. However, there is a very interesting question that has often not found an adequate answer: How did Itachi survive? a direct hit of this magnitude?

The answer could therefore be closely related to mythology, that is, to the fact that Itachi wasn't really a being so evil that it deserves the angry justice of the Quilin. a kind of anticipation of a very different past from what we could expect. And on the other hand, did you know this anecdote? Let us know with a comment below.

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