Sasuke Uchiha is undoubtedly one of the most popular protagonists of the franchise that was born from the head of Masashi Kishimoto. His spectacular techniques and special history have helped him to step into the hearts of fans of Naruto Shippudenwho can't help but buy this collectible statue.

The figure was made by Legendary Collectibles Studio and sees the Sasuke from the early days of Naruto Shippuden use his most powerful jutsu in battle. The Uchiha, surrounded by snakes evoked using the Call Technique, appear ready to launch the Supreme Fireball Technique.

Most to surprise are those remarkable details of the statue. The face of Sasuke using the Sharingan is perfectly recreated, as is his hair. In addition, the clothes seem to be made of pure fabric. Special attention was also paid to the snakes next to the protagonist and to the landscape. While the reptiles are hit by a kunai, one of which is explosive, they are ready to devour their opponents with drooling in their mouths. Finally, under Sasuke's feet, it is possible to see the symbol of his clan.

This statue can already be pre-ordered in two options: one at a scale of 1: 6, 31 cm high and the other at a scale of 1: 4, 45 cm high. The price for including this piece in your collection is 490 euros or 620 euros. Recently available is this statue of Naruto Shippuden in which Jiraiya uses the recall technique. We discover the members of the Dawn Organization of Naruto Shippuden from the poorest to the strongest.

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