In the Future State Universe, the city of Gotham is in the hands of the magistrate and only a handful of heroes can withstand its reign of terror. To put an end to his reign, in the third volume of Future state: The next Batman We see the birth of a surprising new dynamic duo.

Under the rule of the magistrate, the masked heroes had to hide or flee. Although Bruce Wayne escaped death in Future State: Dark Detective, it is Duke Thomas, also known as Signal, who protects the city and helps dissidents escape its borders. But the hero did caught the attention of the magistratewho entrusts the task of catching him to a spy who has infiltrated a group of refugees.

Fortunately, Signal is still in contact with its old allies Katana and Black Lightining, who have since been converted to pure energy for some dark but unknown cause. This is the new form of Black Lightining the winning card battling the magistrate’s robotic powers, but Duke vows to find a way to get his old master back into human form.

With Black Lightning alongside Duke Thomas, Gotham City has formed one new dynamic duo. Just like Batman and Robin in the past, they are now the city’s hope. Let’s find out all the details about Batman: Death Metal Band Edition.

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