The world of characters exerts an immense fascination on fans, especially when it comes to their favorite characters. So it doesn't get boring for a character of Uchiha Itachi caliber, that's for sure Narutoattract the attention of potential buyers.

Itachi is the first member Akatsuki which is presented in Naruto. Sasuke's big brother is not only a character who oozes charisma from every pore, he was also part of the most popular manga villain group.

The statuette, admirable in the photos in the tweet at the end of the news, is made by Mr. J Studio and sold at a price of 195 euros in the two available variants, namely metallic or translucent. However, the pieces in stock are limited and an additional 50 euros will be charged for pre-ordering. However, those who do the most uncomfortable shopping will have the opportunity to heat the home environment with Itachi's powerful aura starting in Q3 2023.

Standing a full 12 inches tall, the amazing ninja Uchiha carefully observes the world around him. All in his signature pose, with his left wrist dangling in the folds of his coat. Yet alongside the main character, the ornaments complete the vision with massive dynamic impact: red and black flames engulf Itachi arrive in some locations to take the form of crows. Die-hard Naruto fans will clearly recognize each reference.

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