There death of Jiraiya it is still one of the events most felt by fans of the manga and anime Naruto. In that of the Village of the Rain, in the battle against Pain one of the most loved characters perished after discovering the secret of the enemy. After entrusting the message to Fukasaku, Jiraiya indulged in the last stroke of Pain.

His body then sank into the deep sea of ​​the Rain Village and in Naruto we never saw that character again. Not even Kabuto Yakushi, in his continuous search for the DNA of the most valiant and powerful ninja warriors in the world, managed to obtain that of Jiraiya. A Naruto fan, however, seems to have succeeded, or at least found it in the world of Minecraft.

The Arnas890 fan shared the photo you can see below on Reddit, taken from a world of video game Minecraft where a version of Jiraiya lives. Underwater is the white-haired ninja that we have seen for a long time in Naruto. The photo quickly went viral both in the section dedicated to Naruto and in others.

Throughout history, Jiraiya has received many freebies from fan cosplay, but also from professional creations such as this Jiraiya statuette in the Hermit mode from the cost of well 800 dollars.

RIP Jiraya from r / Naruto

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