Although it's been a few months since the My Home Hero animated adaptation was officially announced, it hasn't been for the moment production information. However, the situation could change soon. Then the details of the anime will be revealed.

According to Twitter leaker @MangaMoguraRE, there will be an insert dedicated to this in the next issue of Weekly Young Magazine My home hero. Therefore, the details of the anime's production will be announced on October 3rd in the 44th issue of 2022 of the Japanese magazine. My Home Hero is the second series by Naoki Yamakawa to come after I'm Standing on a Million Lives, which has a two-season anime series.

The manga series My Home Hero has recently returned after a long hiatus. With more than 2 million copies in circulationWritten by Naoki Yamakawa and designed by Masashi Asaki, the eighteenth tankobon will see the light of day on October 6, 2022. In this edition, which takes place seven years after the second part, the final story arc is started.

My Home Hero tells that Life of a classic Japanese clerk. Married to a reliable wife and father of a daughter who is sometimes rebellious, he leads a happy life. But one day she discovers that her daughter has been beaten and embarks on a dangerous journey to protect her family.

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