This story arc of My hero academia it also makes way for some pretty important deaths. Shigaraki recently made his first victim, several chapters before we had to experience another defect on the criminal side this time. But everything could change with the manufacturing situation.

As we saw in My Hero Academia 282, published on MangaPlus on Sunday in English and Spanish, the battle with Shigaraki continues as the guys who were supposed to euthanize Gigantomachia have failed. The monster continues its run and approaches Jaku with insane speed. destroy everything on its way.

Obviously there are many civilian casualties that cannot be avoided and, according to a theory by the fans of My Hero Academia, there will be Deku's mother among those innocents involved in the criminal rampage. But why was this hypothesis made? Inko Midoriya has been shown riding her bicycle several times and one can be seen in the final scene identical bike in front of a shop in Gigantomachy Flugbahn.

This worried fans as it is a small but significant detail considering the woman was the only one seen on a bike. It should also be noted that this type of bicycle is very popular in Japan and used by mothers in particular. So it might just be a coincidence, but this theory quickly went viral. What do you expect in the next chapter of My Hero Academia?

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