Kohei Horikoshi has never hidden the many inspirations behind some of the characters My Hero Academy, primarily linked to the world of American comics, and the third film in the series also seems to have had overseas influences. This time, however, screenwriter Kuroda was inspired by a Disney film.

At the time of the film's theatrical release My Hero Academia: Mission of World Heroes As of August 2021, many fans of Izuku Midoriya's story had noticed similarities, particularly in attitude and character, between the character of Rody Soul and Zootopia protagonist Nick Wilde.

This theory, however, found confirmation in what screenwriter Yosuke Kuroda said in an interview shortly after the film's release. Speaking of the weight of American films in the production and writing stages, Kuroda has actually confirmed that he was inspired by two filmsthe first directed by Walter Hill while the second was produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios.

"A serious cop and a flamboyant thug with a cynical worldview... I think that's what I had in mind 48 hours and Zootopia while I was writing the screenplay. It wasn't intentional, but yeah, I think the film has some characteristics of American films because it was shot abroad", Kuroda confirmed the theory initially put forward by the community.

And what do you think? Did you notice this parallelism between Nick and Rody? Let us know in the comments. Before we say goodbye, here is our recap of My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission, and we remind you that an original scene was added in the season 6 finale.

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