With the manga moving forward quickly and the fifth season of the animated finally debuting, now is the attention of fans of My hero academia is entirely focused on the third film, in which Deku, Shoto and Bakugo will be involved in a worldwide mission.

My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission, formerly known by the unofficial name The Three Musketeers, will be released in Japan on August 6, 2021 and will bring Yuei’s Class 1 A trio to face a dangerous criminal organization called the they want to represent. End of the world of quirks.

There Summary of the film project from Studio Bones, which is published on the official website and then shared on Twitter by user Atsushi101X, therefore suggests that previously unpublished topics be covered. “”There is a mysterious group called Humarize who believe in Quirk’s doomsday theory. This theory says, “If the quirks go from generation to generation and go deeper, this process will lead to the downfall of humanity.” For them the quirks are therefore a disease and they want to destroy everyone in this world who has one. “.

“They have planted explosives called Quirk Factor Inducing Bombs in countries around the world. These bombs will cause the Quirks to lose control of the people, leading to the collapse of society. To save the population, Pro Heroes will be out selected from around the world to form a Hero Team whose mission is to defuse these bombs. In addition, there are students from the Hero Department of Yuei High School doing internships at Japanese Pro Heroes agencies. “

“”Deku, Bakugo and Shoto, interns at the Endeavor agency, are sent to an island called Oseon. However, Izuku is involved in an accident and is cataloged as an internationally wanted criminal. In the midst of it all, the Humarize people are declaring to the world that they are responsible for what happened. The time limit is two hours, they say. In the face of the worst crisis in the history of My Hero Academia, the future of the world is entrusted to them“.

What do you think of this act? Deku is an assassin in the first trailer for My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission.

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