The latest brutal story arc from My hero academia No concerns are raised about embarrassing the heroes and engaging with a war against the paranormal liberation front that claims victims from side to side. What fate awaits the heroes at the end of the battle?

The Chapter 282 spoilers left fans baffled, especially after the leaks inherent in Aizawa's character. Indeed, the latter is Shigaraki's goal due to its own quirk which limits the heir's war potential to the maximum All for one. In order to take out his opponent, Tomura tried to hit him with the same bullet that could destroy the quirks, although he had not come to terms with the experience of Eraser head.

With courage and determination, driven by a review of his time with Eri, the U.A. professor had no qualms cleanly part his left leg to prevent the influx of the ball. This has inevitably affected his mobility as a hero, which could herald his impending retirement from the ranks of the heroes. Anyway, we just have to wait for the next few weeks to find out what the fate of Aizawa and the students of the United States will be. against the deadly Shigaraki.

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