While fans are thrilled with the recent announcement of the third My Hero Academia movie, let's imagine a hypothetical fight between Tenya Iida and Tsuyu Asui.

Two of the most popular characters among the My Hero Academia audience are the Class 1-A representative, Iida, and the frog heroine Asui. But when the two friends were forced to fight Seriously who would win?

Iida is a combat-oriented melee hero. His quirk allows him to dramatically increase the speed of the race and unleash himself Steps of incredible power. Her brother's legacy arouses Iida's desire to become a pro-hero and role model for others. nothing could stop him, not even a fight with a friend.

His main skill is the recipro burst which he can use to add extra speed to his kicks. In addition, his innate agility is ideal for avoiding enemy hits. Thanks to the tough training he goes through, the young class rep is tough enough to carry out a few attacks while his intelligence allows him to better analyze the battlefield. But Iida also has some obvious flaws, like that complete lack of ranged attacks. If it does not get close to the target, it cannot hit it in any way.

Tsuyu Asui's Quirk enables her to perform all the typical gestures of a frog. Thanks to the powerful legs, the girl can Make impressive jumpsas well as deliver powerful kicks. While Asui is not as fast as Iida, it can move horizontally as well as vertically, giving it greater mobility on the battlefield. Plus, it can climb any surface thanks to its sticky hands and feet.

The Froppy's main attack it's the one with the tongue, long, strong and flexible, just like a frog's. When needed, heroin can store items in the stomach and then reapply them when needed. His fighting skills expand dramatically in water areas. However, the cold is very harmful to them.

Hence in a clash between the two protagonistsIida would have an advantage in terms of stamina, speed, and physical performance, while Froppy would have greater agility and range. If Tenya manages to get close and deliver even one punch, it would be the end for Froppy. Dabi becomes Sith in this cross between My Hero Academia and Star Wars. All Might smiles into the future in this female My Hero Academia cosplay.

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