Week after week, My hero academy it approaches its great epilogue. The shonen that began in 2014 is nearing its final doors, and the final story arc is now in full swing. However, there are still many mysteries that author Kohei Horikoshi has to unravel.

One of the biggest mysteries of the series concerns Izuku Midoriya's father figure. Who is it and which Macke Deku's father owns? Let's try to clarify the father of the protagonist.

Midoriya is only grew up next to his mother Inko, who had to raise him just like a single mother. In fact, we even see in the flashbacks of the past when Midoriya discovered at the age of 4 that she had no quirk, besides the boy only his mother. This means that Midoriya's father has been absent since his son was a baby. Despite this prolonged absence, Inko continues to refer to Deku's father as her husband. That's why they're still married and Inko never divorced Izuku's father.

We know the name of the protagonist's father, Hisashi Midoriya. He, according to the stories of mother Inko, works abroad and therefore he is separated from his family. Still, it's strange that Hisashi never finds time to visit his wife and child or tries to socialize with them. Hisashi Midoriya may have chosen career over love of family. It wouldn't be the first time we've seen such choices in My Hero Academia. Endeavor also chose to pursue All Might instead of looking after his children and wife.

Although Deku was born without a Quirk, both parents possess one, as revealed at the beginning of the play. Her mother Inko possesses a telekinetic quirk that allows her to mentally maneuver small objects Hisashi Midoriya has a Fire-type Quirk which allows him to breathe flames. However, we don't know how powerful this uniqueness is.

In a 2018 interview, Horikoshi revealed that Hisashi Midoriya will appear in My Hero Academia sooner or later. The time could be very near when the final battle is about to explode. However, that's what persistent theories from My Hero Academia want Midoriya's father is actually All For Onewhich would mentally subdue Inko and steal Deku's original Quirk.

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