When it comes to My hero academiaFandom is always ready for anything, and fans are always looking for news that has recently gone viral on the internet. Now it seems that chapter 296 of the manga My Hero Academia is one of the most wanted words on Twitter.

This morning, My Hero Academia took over the feeds from around the worldThe problem is that the chapter hasn't been published yet because Weekly shonen jump will not be published until the new year.

Of course, that hiatus didn't stop fans from spreading the hype! The downside is that this excitement made it possible to share likely spoilers of the new chapter, but for all that, the readers are very moved and imagine what they will read in the next few chapters.

After all, the end of the raid arc is near, and that means The world and Class 1-A will hear of a message that is difficult to digest. Readers knew this news was coming, but after so many chapters of clashes and sacrifices, it would take a few chapters of calm to give our heroes time to catch their breath.

After the author apologized on Twitter for an error in Chapter 295, we will shed a few tears with what awaits us in Chapter 296.

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