Although they emerged victorious from the very violent war against the supernatural liberation front, the professional heroes of My hero academia They are going through their darkest time. Citizens have lost confidence in who should protect them and have turned their fingers on the Heroes Society.

Chapter 300 of Kohei Horikoshi's work proves that the troubles for heroes are far from over. While they managed to drive away villains and protect cities from their attacks, the Pro Heroes did it lost popular supportwho now lives in fear of another attack from Shigaraki and the terrible Nomu.

The aftermath of the fight was dire, in addition to the structural damage and numerous deaths, another My Hero Academia hero left the top 10. With Endeavor and Hawks charged with testimony from Dabi, the Role of the symbol of peace it was free too long. With All Might's resignation, society of heroes finds itself in a situation of utter decline.

The future belongs to the young students of Yuei High School, but it is too early to revive the fate of professional heroes. With the villains who have just attacked Tartarus and managed to free numerous imprisoned criminals including All For One, the situation is for Heroes' society is desperate. The bad guy threat grows with a return to My Hero Academia 300.

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