To the great surprise, a mysterious image revealed that the third My Hero Academia film is in the works. According to an interesting theory, the three musketeers wear a special uniform that might shock the world from My hero academia.

The new mysterious My Hero Academia movie sparked some interesting theories among fans. The three-part teaser image shows Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki in a specific uniform the "WHA" emblem. But what does this acronym mean?

According to early theories, the "WHA" logo would indicate the "World Hero Alliance," a group of Heroes from all over the world that would follow the lead of the Avengers or the Justice League Given that the Japanese company of Pro Heroes is in serious crisis in the final chapters of the manga, the film could play at the end of the current narrative arc.

Therefore, professional heroes from around the world may have to step in to restore peace to Japan. This group would be joined by the three best students from Yuei High School: the three musketeers, three future promises of the world of heroes. What do you think of this hypothetical scenario? Let's find out what the consequences the new movie will have for the fifth season of My Hero Academia.

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