Season 5 of My hero academy He left so many things unfinished. The heroes train and prepare for war with the villains: they have indeed learned that Tomura Shigaraki is undergoing a surgical enhancement process in order to host All for One. In Season 6 of My Hero Academia there will therefore be total war.

But first there will be an interlude. there next season of My Hero Academia it won't arrive until October, but in the meantime there will be two special episodes that will debut in the summer. The first has already been unveiled and widely shared: it's a baseball special pitting Yuei students against each other.

The second will instead "My Hero Academia: Warae! Jigoku no you ni"and a picture has just been unveiled. The anime's official Twitter account featured this illustration featuring the three main heroes, namely Deku, Bakugo, and Todoroki, alongside Burnin and behind Endeavor. So expect a little moment. Training with the strongest hero of the moment.

Both episodes will be shown before the films in Japanese theaters between June 16 and 19, while also streaming on Japanese channels during the summer.

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