Before reaching the last act of My hero academyand leaving room for important themes to be explored, Deku went through a dark period of his existence and only managed to get out of it thanks to the help and comfort of his companions, especially his childhood friend and somewhat rival. Katsuki Bakugo.

Though their relationship appears as an unhealthy friendship, particularly in the early chapters and the multiple flashbacks Horikoshi engages in throughout the series, both grow and die Bakugo's awareness of Deku's enormous responsibility As wielders of the Quirk One For All, you've helped make them incredible allies. Their friendship was often the protagonist of the illustrations that Yoshinorione of Horikoshi's assistants, shares his official reports with the community.

Yoshinori seems to have a certain passion for representing the protagonists when they were still free and carefree children, times far removed from the brutality of the war between heroes and villains that involves everyone in the current chapters. And this time, instead of dragging her into a happy moment, Yoshinori preferred it represent they arguewith an overly angry Bakugo ready to smack a Deku unable to react.

We also remember that Chapter 359 of My Hero Academia will return after a short break Sunday July 17, 2022 on Manga Plus.

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