My Hero Academia has many fans Both in Japan and in the rest of the world. For this reason, the merchandising always thrives very well, with accessories of all kinds including posters, postcards and especially collectibles such as statuettes dedicated to the different characters. Obviously there are many statuettes dedicated to Deku and all the other protagonists.

However, sometimes the desires of some enthusiasts go beyond the market, beyond the products available, and hence those with the skills set out on their own to bring their own vision to the brand. Such is the case of Yoshikazu 0429, a Japanese fan of My Hero Academia and well-known diorama creator, who wanted to present this Own creation on the subject of Twiceone of the main villains of the rogue alliance led by Tomura Shigaraki.

During the fifth season of My Hero Academia, Twice she has finally overcome her fears, thanks in part to the situation that had Toga backed into a corner, and so he made full use of his power of multiplication. His clone quirk actually allowed him to create a truly fearsome Twice army for a numerical problem. The moment the villain cloned himself and gave birth to multiple selves is central to this creation.

This Twice multiplying figure visible below is the original villain in the center while the cloned versions come around, all sporting the same black and gray costume. There are other details like the wall of the neighborhood they were in and other small additions that give more power to the environment. The power of Twice is also terrifying in this version, although this creation will not proliferate like others.

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