In the last volumes of My Hero Academia there have been many evolutions for the various characters. The heroes, especially the students of the Yuei, have accumulated experience and new moves. But the same also applies to the villain front, led by Tomura Shigaraki. The latter in particular has become a real threat.

My Hero Academia had previously presented possible improvements for Shigaraki in volume 26 when, during the arc My Villain Academia, the boy managed to get an army, three powerful allies and a strengthening of his quirk, as well as an unlock on the psychological and mental side. The villain has become more dangerous than ever and testimony came in chapter 272 of My Hero Academia.

After his awakening, Shigaraki immediately activated his quirk which certainly killed X-Less and Crust, as well as other unnamed heroes. As we saw during his last clash, he is now able to extend power far beyond what he has ever done before and without requiring contact between object and fingers.

There propagation of the decay quirk involved the entire city starting from the hospital as an epicenter and, at first glance, it seems to have been strengthened since the last use. In addition, Shigaraki is now in possession of the All for One: this means that in the future he will be able to use many different quirks even if it is not known if he is currently able to pull out unknown ones. But now it is confirmed that Tomura Shigaraki is a walking threat for the protagonists of My Hero Academia and must be absolutely defeated during the current saga.

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