Japan calls, the world answers - not without difficulties. AND My Hero Academia saw the arrival of its strongest hero currently the American who bears the name Stars and Stripes. Recently introduced in the manga by Kohei Horikoshi, Stars and Stripes has already started their fight and is showing.

The fight with Tomura Shigaraki, who just started in My Hero Academia, has actually proven his strategic skills and more, as the heart of the clashes in the Horikoshi manga are the quirks. So the mangaka explained that too How New Order works, the quirk of Stars and Stripes.

Her ability allows the heroine to apply a rule to an object or person as long as she says her name. She can apply a maximum of two rules at a time, regardless of the goals, and in order to better deal with enemies she has always applied one rule to herself, the guaranteed super strengtheven if it doesn't reach the All Might level.

During the fight we saw her apply rules against Shigaraki, but she could also apply them to a gaseous object like the atmosphere, a devastating movement that would have been fatal for anyone. The fault with this power is obviously the need Know the exact name of your target, and this forces Stars and Stripes to act differently depending on the situation.

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