October 1st is the appointment at theMy Hero Academia Anime, whose season 6 deals with the adaptation of the war between heroes and villains. Split into two attack teams, Endeavor and Edgeshot led the attack on the Supernatural Liberation Front. However, a certain enemy has reshuffled the cards on the table.

While Edgeshot stormed the Gunga Mountain Residence, where the frontline headquarters was hiding and where Hawks was working as an infiltrator, Endeavor instead took over the Jaku Hospital, where Dr. Garaki conducted. frightening experiments on Nomu and Shigaraki.

After defeating King-Destro and founding the Supernatural Liberation Front, an army of villains numbering in the thousands, Shigaraki was placed in the care of Doctor Garaki. The intention of the scientist, one of All For One's first allies, is that of give the boy the quirk: all for onewhich, like his master, will give him access to dozens of different powers.

Endeavor, Mirko, Eraserhead, and Present Mic tried to stop this, but to no avail. In My Hero Academia 6x05, Shigaraki's awakening sows death and destruction. However, the villain has a new design honored by one character visual shared via the official profiles of the series.

The image that you will find at the end of the article is accompanied by a new one biography taken from the official website which reads: "A man with the conviction to "destroy everything". In fact, he is the grandson of Nana Shimura, the 7th sequel to One for All. He has a past of killing his family because of his "individuality" when he was a child. Raised as the successor to All For One, he woke up during the fight with Re-Destro. The supreme leader of the "Supernatural Liberation Front", a massive force of over 100,000 people". Greetings and leaving the trailer for My Hero Academia 6x07.

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