At the Jump Festa 2022 Kohei Horikoshi scored a definite point on My Hero Academia. In his intentions, the manga will end in exactly a year. But not only that, the author also foresaw that the great protagonist of the final battle will be Katsuki Bakugo.

As is now known, My Hero Academia has been in his for some time last act. After the events of the War Arc, the manga has entered a key phase in which the two factions in the game study each other before waging war against each other again. In December 2022, Sensational twists and turns aside, readers will witness the final battle between Pro Heroes and the Paranormal Liberation Front.

According to what Horikoshi during the Jump Festival 2022, in the struggle between One For All and All For One, will play a fundamental role Kacchan, Friend and rival of the protagonist Midoriya. But what plans does the author have in mind for the aspiring hero with an explosive character?

In the grand finale, we will almost certainly have the final showdown between Deku and Shigaraki, between Uraraka and Toga, and between Shoto and Endeavor and Dabi. For the hothead of class 1-A it should touch on the task Support Midoriya, or not. Bakugo could leave us just before the final to unleash his friend's full potential.

Another hypothesis is that Midroiya will leave us and that One for all and the fate of the hero society in Bakugo. Although we still don't know how Kacchan is sure to dominate the epilogue of the Final Acts after what Horikoshi revealed.

Which of the two theories do you think is more likely? We leave you on the My Hero Academia author's plan and My Hero Academia 339 release date and hypotheses.

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