While in the pages of the manga by My hero academia The battle between heroes and villains is getting heated. Viewers of the animated series are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the fifth season, which begins with a joint training of grades 1-A and 1-B of Yuei High School.

The first part of the fifth season of the anime My Hero Academia will focus on this Challenge among students of the two hero departments of UA High School. In the face of this friendly battle, fans of the opera were able to admire the official Class 1-B design of My Hero Academia through a fantastic key visual.

But the focus is now on the students of 1-A, the section in which Deku, Bakugo and Shoto play. In the new poster, however, there seems to be an intruder among the protagonists: Hitoshi Shinso. The boy who is part of Grade 1-C of the General Division of Yuei High School did his job Debut during the sports festival, an event in which he surprised everyone during his confrontation with Midoriya.

Apparently, over the course of the new season of the animated Shinso, Shinso is ready to join the hero departments of the high school and the poster is revealed its new design. Although the boy is wearing the yuei's classic uniform, he now wears a black mask that covers the lower part of his face and a scarf very similar to that of Professor Aizawa. What connection is hidden between the two? Sero is one of the most underrated aspiring heroes from My Hero Academia. Will he be able to show up next season? Koda's call of nature in this affordable cosplay from My Hero Academia.

Official visual promo of grades 1-A and 1-B from r / BokuNoHeroAcademia

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