The raid of the Supernatural Liberation Front has resulted in thousands of deaths and caused the collapse of heroic society that is still facing media hype. Meanwhile on the pages of My hero academia Shigaraki and his subordinates continued the attack and released hundreds of villains from captivity.

Chapter 303 of My Hero Academia Hawks suggests presenting yourself with Best Jeanist an unusual alliance to Endeavor, who is shocked by Dabi's revelation. If they want to try a comeback, the top three heroes have to work together actively.

""Shigaraki, Dabi, Himiko Toga, weirdos, skeptics, 132 members of the Liberation Front and seven high-end noms are at large"Hawks Listing explains to the Flame Hero all the misfortune that has occurred while he was in the hospital.

The current issue 2 shows that there were more than ten thousand prisoners released from prisons from all over Japan. Among these there is All For One That Escaped Tartarus. With most of the members being hospitalized, the Hero Commission is out of order. This means that the international heroes of My Hero Academia cannot step in to bring help.

Hawks then notes that all of this happened in just two days, so it can't be said yet What other consequences will the attack bring? Reached by villains. If they really want to make a difference, the top three heroes have to unite as one force. Meanwhile, here is Drawing Smash, My Hero Academia's colossal art exhibit.

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