Tenko Shimura was a kid like many others who dreamed of becoming a hero even if his Quirk hadn't yet woken up. However, the harassment of the housewife and the constant narrow-mindedness of his parents led him to become Tomura Shigaraki, the Strom Main villain of My Hero Academiaand this season proved it.

The immortal All for One gave the student his own quirk, and much of the beginning of My Hero Academia Season 6 was devoted to Shigaraki. In a lab pod, the villain was recovering from surgery so he could become the new vessel of evil and destruction. However, as one of the war's final moments showed, within this distorted personality controlled by All for One, there is still one child hoping to be saved: the young Tenko Shimura who is still stuck in a nightmare.

The opening of My Hero Academia 6 ushers in a new phase, but not without some very important scenes hidden within. There are many moments that readers of the manga will recognize and that will soon appear in front of anime viewers as well. However, there is a scene where little Tenko is freed from the shadow of All for One. This moment is very similar to that Scene where Eri manages to break free from Overhaul's powerful shadow. The little girl made it thanks to Deku and the other heroes. Does this opening scene of My Hero Academia anticipate a release of Tenko Shimura, always at the hands of the protagonist?

Will Deku be able to save little Tenko? or will he be forced to kill Tomura Shigaraki?

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