My Hero Academia: let’s have a look at the spoilers of chapter 256

After a week off, the manga by My Hero Academia returns to Shonen Jump with a crackling chapter, which once again features Shigaraki Tomura. Let's take a look at the spoilers leaked in the last few hours.

The chapter opens on a helicopter that flies over the city, announcing a bleak panorama to say the least: "Can you see it? Yes ... about half of the city has been destroyed and transformed into a new territory. Just below us the heroes are evacuating civilians. Last year's accident brought the same feeling of misery ... I can't focus the situation because of the dust! I can't pinpoint the heroes' target! "

Soon after we move to the parts of All Might and Eri. The Symbol of Peace is clearly apprehensive about the progress of the battle. After him we are shown a short rundown of secondary characters, such as Fuyumi, Natsuo and Midoriya's mother, a device often used by the author to accentuate the tension of the reader.

Moving on the battlefield, the clash between Endeavor and Shigaraki is still alive. The hero resorts to the Hell Spider to hit the villain, who manages first to dodge without any trouble and then to overwhelm his opponent. Shigaraki stands out on the lifeless body of hero number one with his arm facing up, in order to mock the typical victory gesture of Endeavor and All Might.

The protagonists of the chapter are also Midoriya, Gran Torino and Bakugo. The three see a horde of Nomu never seen before rise, recalled shortly before by Shigaraki through a mysterious device provided by Dr. Ujiko. At this point, the three choose to split up to find Aizawa. The latter is immediately located by Shigaraki, who orders him to step aside; The professor is saved from Shigaraki's blow thanks to the intervention of Deku and Bakugo, which surprise the villan with disarming speed.

The chapter ends with the rescue of Aizawa by our heroes, while Endeavor finds himself dying, stunned by Shigaraki's strength. As usual, the official chapter release is scheduled for Sunday at 6pm on Manga Plus.

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