With one win at a time, the third lap should be the decisive one for overtaking. Instead, the team led by Shoto and Ingenium faced a resounding draw. The fate of the challenge between Class 1-A and Class 1-B is now entrusted to the impetuosity of Bakugo! Here are the previews of My Hero Academia 5.

The Joint Training Arc will also continue in the next episode of My Hero Academia, which will kick off fourth round common training. The great protagonist of this new battle will be Bakugo, ready to blow up anything that touches him.

To aid the explosive young hero there will be Sero, Jiro and Sato, while we will find Kamakiri, Tokage, Bondo and Awase to face his violence. Although Bakugo doesn't have one no intention to lose The students of class 1-B will certainly not spare themselves, on the contrary, if they use their quirks, they will try to banish him from the kickoff with an incredible team game.

This fourth round is undoubtedly one of the most awaited from the My Hero Academia community who consider Bakugo to be one of his favorite heroes. It is precisely for this reason that the blonde aspiring hero will try not to look ridiculous in front of his fans and Deku who will have to fight in the final fight of the test.

Which of the two teams do you think will take the lead? My Hero Academia Class 1-A is summarized in this advertising poster. A thoughtful Deku in this realistic My Hero Academia cosplay.

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