Not all Grade 1-A students can aspire to become heroes ready to fight on the front lines like All Might or Endeavor. Such is the case with Hanta Sero, who was introduced in the course of My hero academia proved to be a perfect support for his strongest classmates.

Some quirks were clearly designed by Kohei Horikoshi to be the focus, but Deku's One For All or Bakugo's explosive power would not be as effective in combat without them Contribution of support quirkslike that of Sero.

Haga's skill makes it pretty nice similar to Spider-Man: The boy is indeed able to throw a tough duct tape from the elbows and use it to block opponents or swing quickly in the air.

This quirk could hardly eliminate more powerful opponents, but combine it with One For All, for example would prove fatal. In a collaboration between Sero and Deku, the former could block the opponent's limbs to facilitate the latter's work, which would take out the villain.

In addition, the Tape Quirk is perfect for identifying the location of enemies by observing the situation from above or for search and rescue missions. The tape actually could act as the first dressing for civilians who have sprained or broken bones.

Sero is aware of it Support hero status and although he is brave in the face of danger, he is not as brazen and reckless as his most ruthless classmates. The young student is slowly building a trustworthy and cooperative reputation, working behind the scenes for the good of society.

And what do you think of this character? Sero could probably find more space in that fifth season of the animewho are trained together with the heroes of My Hero Academia 1-B. Here is an odd detail of the first hero costume Deku wears in My Hero Academia.

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