Izuku Midoriya was to be the cornerstone of the heroes’ plan. But the protagonist of My hero academy He was removed from the main battlefields of the war. If Shigaraki and All For One are ready to unleash their fury, when will their time come?

In the plan devised by All Might and the others, Deku should have done it Face off against Tomura Shigaraki alongside his friend Bakugo and the pros Best Jeanist, Mirko and Edgeshot. However, with a humped punch, Himiko Toga took him away to confess her love to him.

Left the insane villain Uravity and Froppy are dealing with, left Midoriya in a crazy race against time to reunite with Bakugo and the others. From Okuto Island, Deku must reach the Yuei Flying Fortress, hundreds of kilometers away. Will One For All’s forces be enough for him to arrive on time?

In My Hero Academia 358, Bakugo unleashes his explosive arsenal to defeat Shigaraki, who dominated the heroes. However, this move by Kacchan will prove insufficient given the genetic mutations the villain suffers from. My Hero Academia 359 spoilers have alarmed the community about this hero’s life: how Deku will react to the sight of his friend reduced under these conditions?

The small group atop the flying fortress had only to pause while waiting for Deku’s intervention. However, Midoriya has to, despite being at the peak of her abilities face a problem. In the final panel of My Hero Academia 357, we see him encountering distant dark patches in the sky. Whether he’ll arrive in time to save his friends, we won’t find out until the release of My Hero Academia 359, which arrives after a week’s hiatus.

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