With Twitter, this is becoming increasingly important not only in the lives of anime and manga fans, but also in the lives of writers. There are less active mangakas who share few impressions and others who are really busy. Kohei Horikoshi is the mangaka from My Hero Academia and certainly among the most present on the blue bird's platform.

The platform that is now passing into the hands of Elon Musk has seen many drawings by Kohei Horikoshi over the years, and not just those prepared for official releases on Weekly Shonen Jump or in Tankobon. Actually, the author of My Hero Academia always did shared custom images for different occasions. Sometimes he released them to coincide with episodes of the anime, other times for special events like award ceremonies and parties.

There are also times when he apologizes for his absence and returns it to the fans with a special illustration. This has now happened with Weekly Shonen Jump magazine being on hiatus for Golden Week and then a jump to the My Hero Academia publication. To calm the audience's anticipation, Horikoshi thinks about it Drawing with Nejire Hado and Ochako Uraraka along with their student uniforms, cheerful and black and white.

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