Volume 27 of My Hero Academia is available from today in Japan and as always, the author Kohei Horikoshi celebrated the event by making a sketch dedicated to a character. Without too many surprises, the mangaka he again chose Mirko as the protagonist of his design, the bunny most loved by opera fans.

Just a few hours ago we told you about Horikoshi's alleged obsession and apparently, the umpteenth sketch dedicated to the heroine number five in the ranking would seem to clarify our doubts. The beautiful smile of the Pro Hero then (which you can admire at the bottom of the article) it is worth a thousand words.

Surprisingly, Volume 27 of the manga turned out to be a little shorter than expected, with just nine chapters available against the eleven / twelve included in previous tankobons. The chapters in question, or those from 259 to 267 inclusive, are a bit longer than usual, but the page total is still lower. The next issue, or 28, will arrive between October and November 2020.

And what do you think of it? Do you like sketching? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below! In case you missed it then, we suggest you take a look at Mirko's previous sketch used to promote My Hero Academia Volume 27.

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