Izuku Midoriya was not unique and was considered almost "useless". He slowly made his way into the world of heroes and became an active part of the world he once studied with so much admiration. Here is the new strength he mastered on the last few pages of My hero academia.

Since All Might gave him the baton by giving him the One For All as an inheritance, Midoriya has traveled a complex road full of obstacles. Gradually, the young disciple of the symbol of peace learned a Master the quirkby first limiting your enormous potential and then learning the unique skills of your predecessors. And surprisingly, it seems to have mastered a new uniqueness.

After the abandonment of Yuei High and the subsequent time jump, it seems to have become Deku even more powerful as shown against Shigaraki in the war bow. During the fight with Muscular, who was at large in the city and caused panic among the citizens, Midoriya wears a new quirk.

After Deku learned to use the Black Whip, the Floate the Danger Sense, which he acquired from the fifth, seventh and fourth owners of the One For All, he seems to have learned that Character of the sixth heirnamely En. Izuku fights against Muscular and uses the smoke screen, a smoke screen, with which he obscures the view of the enemy. Combining this uniqueness with the previous three, Midoriya now appears to be the master of One For All, chosen to stop All For One and Shigaraki.

In addition, the young hero makes it confer freely with the remains present in his head. Speaking to them, Deku claims he exaggerated the smoke bomb, and En admits he's so charged with power that controlling all of the quirks together is quite complex.

As mentioned earlier, All Might was also a flawless one, so he can't have passed anything on to One For All. But what uniqueness does that hide? second and third owner? In My Hero Academia 308 we discover the new strength of Deku and the anger of a villain. Then My Hero Academia 309 appears, a chapter full of unknowns.

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