The last chapters of My hero academia are perhaps among the most tragic that Kohei Horikoshi has ever written. Leaving the violent battlefield of the "War Arc" the focus has shifted to the Todoroki family and their tragic past.

During the clash between Pro Heroes and the Supernatural Liberation Front, Dabi revealed that he is indeed the long-lost son of Endeavor, and that precisely because of his past, he became a criminal. That sensational twist brought Number One Heroes and his family in the center of a media hype.

Endeavor had raised his son since childhood to believe that he would be him the next symbol of peace, the hero who can overcome All Might. However, when he discovered that Toya's body was unsuitable for the role, he forbade him to use his quirk forever.

This was triggered the boy's frustrationwho, with his now broken dreams, began to hate his father who was guilty of leaving him. But apparently, Enji is not Dabi's only target. It is well known that the villain is particularly jealous of his brother Shoto, the new protégé of the family.

However, in reviewing chapter 302 of My Hero Academia, we discover that Toya He also hates his mother, Rei. Struck by anger and frustration, little Toya says that because of her grandparents' poverty, Rei was sold as Enji's fiancée to the Todoroki family to create a line of future heroes who could combine the element of ice with that of fire.

Despite his young age, Toya was already reluctant to be born out of a relationship that was based entirely on the union of two quirks. All of this later led him to the insane villain known throughout Japan as the Dabi. Let's find out what is the secret behind the realism of My Hero Academia.

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