When Bakugo was arrogant towards everyone early in the series, only Kirishima could stand up to him. A bond of friendship and respect developed between the two that now guides this duo in the final war against the villain. Here she is rather stubborn pair of class 1-A in the sketches of Kohei Horikoshi's assistants.

The relationship between Bakugo and Kirishima is one of the most significant of My Hero Academia, a male friendship that also includes a lot of tenderness. Although the two are now separated, there is still a hiatus with the release of the manga seriesAssistant Yoshinori he took the opportunity to dedicate some sketches to them.

Horikoshi's assistant paid homage to this on his Twitter profile @nstime23 Connection between Katsuki and Eijiro with two works of art. In the first, the two aspiring heroes of Yuei High School return to childhood and train in the forest in an animal costume. Apparently Yoshinori loved to draw Bakugo as a kid since he is used to sharing this kind of drawing of him.

In the second figure we find Bakugo and Kirishima as we know them. With both casual outfits and a bandana on their heads, they forget that fight against criminals to enjoy a few carefree moments. Both artworks read the abbreviation KRBK, which is the abbreviation of Kirishima-bakugo. And you, what do you think of these two assistant jobs?

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