My hero academiaTo date, one of Weekly's flagship titles is Shonen Jump, one of the series that has been talked about for several years. Kohei Horikoshi's superhero epic also enjoys one of the best TV adaptations for a Shonen series in recent years thanks to the touch of Studio Bones.

In fact, the franchise is currently enjoying 4 seasons, a fifth of which is in good development in production, according to the My Hero Academia historical composer. Yuki Hayashi. However, the surprises for the brand seem to continue between the pages of Global licenseAs one of the most famous magazines in the world in terms of licensing, a particularly cryptic phrase appeared in the section reserved for Toho, the distributor who owns the rights to the series.

In this case, the section reserved for the Japanese giant ends with a sentence that seems to leave no doubt, namely "to the My hero academia, TOHO, is planning a new cartoon seriesThe sentence in question needs to be received with due care as it is not clear whether it is one Quote announcement for the sixth season or possibly from the TV transposition of Vigilante, its famous spin-off. However, who knows if this is a new movie or an original series that might focus on one of the characters in the saga.

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