The author of My hero academy, Kohei Horikoshi, has made all the stars shine on his roster. This time it's the turn of a student who's never been able to prove her true worth in battle, only as a rock star at the school festival: will the power of sound stop All For One?

During the opera's final arc, Kyoka Jiro was chosen to join the team of Endeavor and Haws tasked with stopping the evil symbol of fear. Arriving at the battlefield on her flying friend Tokoyami, the girl entered significant contribution that nobody would ever expect from him.

At the beginning of the battle Jiro almost staggers against the imposing aura of fear that All For One broadcasts. Realizing this, the villain considers Jiro little more than an insignificant pawn. But shortly afterwards he will have to change his mind.

When the evil lord unleashes his fury, the A-1 student is maimed. After this serious earlobe injury, Jiro finds the motivation to save all his classmates. With a powerful final movethe Heartbeat Surround: Legato, Jiro scrapes all the strength in his possession.

At first, The Sonic Impact doesn't seem to deal any physical damage to All For One, who doesn't even seem stunned, but in the short term this move is proving crucial. All For One's inner quirks were shaken.

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