The fifth season of My hero academy it mainly focused on the students in grades 1-A and 1-B and then left space for the short narrative arc devoted to the protagonists' internship. This led to some absences, like Rumi Usagiyama, Pro Hero Mirko, who was honored in a fantastic sketch by an assistant to Horikoshi.

Despite his absence in the anime, if you rule out the Hawks and Endeavor rescue scene threatened by villain Dabi, Rabbit Hero returns for cover played a major role in the sixth season of the anime during the paranormal war of liberation developed in the manga for 53 chapters currently, several Pro Heroes are busy training the young and aspiring heroes of Yuei High, and what for Usagiyama was not involved in the internship program, remains among the top five Heroes of the Hero Society.

After Kohei Horikoshi dedicated a sketch to Froppy himself, one of his assistants, Yoshinori, decided to make Mirko the protagonist of a sensual drawing and later posted it on Twitter. As you can see in the artist's post below, Mirko appears in a bathing suit. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

We remember that in the next few chapters a miniarch devoted to Deku and All Might could arrive, and leave a glorious color chart of chapter 319.

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