The spring issue of Jump Giga magazine was entirely dedicated to the villains of the main series published on Weekly Shonen Jump, and among them All For One by couldn't be missing My hero academy. The antagonist was also presented with a new outfit that differs from the design seen in the final chapters of the manga.

while inlast act of the series Tomura Shigaraki takes on an increasingly important role, almost replacing his mentor as the main villain. It's important to remember how much All For One's actions impacted theDevelopment of the history of Midoriya and his companions. Despite being defeated by All Might, the uphill battle also cost the Symbol of Peace a great deal of money, who was forced to retire from the profession of full-time hero.

A consideration is therefore essential the meaning of All For One's terrible decisions, which got a whole page dedicated to it in the latest issue of Jump Giga, as you can see in the image reported by a fan on Reddit. The villain is portrayed with the usual elegance, wearing a black jacket, a purple shirt underneath and a red tie and his helmet, which was partially destroyed after the confrontation with All Might.

In conclusion, we leave you with a sketch of Bakugo and Kirishima from one of Horikoshi's assistants and the mysteries of Star & Stripe to be revealed in Volume 34 of the manga.

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