With 22 episodes already aired, only three episodes are missing by the end of My Hero Academia Season 6. Deku walks the path of darkness, but the weight of One For All begins to weigh on his shoulders. Only the young heroes of Yuei High can relieve Midoriya of her responsibilities.

In My Hero Academia 6x22, Deku also put All Might aside and stated that he no longer needed his help. His only thought is to Find out the location of All For One and Tomura Shigaraki, to not give them time to recover and return to maximum strength. But it's not just the two villains who need time to recover.

Keep moving around the city alone and fight to stop all kinds of crimes, Midoriya has reached the end of his strength. Now the boy won't even stop to eat, and his condition is so bad that he terrifies the very people he's trying to save. Deku is a shadow of his former self and desperately needs help. As the second Remnant of One For All states, Yuei's friends are her only chance of rescue.

There UA Academy Class 1-A entered to defeat Dictacor who used some puppets to defeat Midoriya. The villain has been captured, but Deku just doesn't want to go back and listen to his classmates' words.

In the 23rd Episode of My Hero Academia Season 6 In order to save their friend, the Class 1-A wannabe heroes are forced into battle. Bakugo, Uravity, Shoto, Iida and everyone else must join forces to defeat Deku and save him from the darkness oppressing his soul.

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