The war against the Paranormal Liberation Front has caused massive damage across the country. Added to this was the escape of the villains, who were imprisoned in maximum security prisons organized by All For One. With Japan in chaos and the population no longer believing in heroes, Deku chooses a dark path.

In My Hero Academia 6x19, the Dark Hero arc has begun, a saga in which Izuku Midoriya is shrouded in darkness of recent events. Aware of being the prey of Tomura Shigaraki and All For One, Midoriya has decided to drop out of Yuei High School and face the situation as a lone vigilante.

Only with the help of Toshinori Yagi, Deku tries to keep the streets safe against the villains who escaped from prisons. However, Midoriya does not allow herself a single moment of rest and soon the situation spirals out of control.

In the twentieth episode of My Hero Academia Season 6, Deku will continue his lonely struggle. His main goal is to lure out Tomura Shigaraki, who seems to have vanished into thin air. In the midst of his research, a Killer sent by All For One will threaten his life. The episode, titled "Sicario," will debut in simulcast streaming on Crunchyroll on February 18, 2023 and will introduce the character of Lady Nagant.

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