The first part of My hero academia season 6 was marked by violent clashes and gruesome revelations. The Society of Heroes must now deal with the aftermath of these events. The Todoroki family must open the closet and face the skeletons hidden inside.

Todoroki's family members were devastated by a painful and shocking revelation. On the battlefield, Endeavor and Shoto discovered the identity behind Dabi. Responsible for the massacre of numerous innocents, the villain has proven worldwide that he is toya todoroki, the missing son of the current number one.

During Effort and Shoto Having heard Dabi's words firsthand, these have also been received by Fuyumi and NatsuoShoto's other two older brothers, as well as dating ReiMother of four brothers who was hospitalized for family reasons.

The war is over, but the conditions of the heroes of My Hero Academia necessitate a long hospital stay. Even so, the Todoroki family definitely needs to discuss the situation. At the end of My Hero Academia 6x15, brothers Fuyumi and Natsuo go to the hospital to talk about what happened. They are joined by another mysterious woman who leaves Shoto speechless. The Todoroki They are gathered, ready to discuss the fate of the family and the Toya that caused them all so much pain.

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