Engaged in the intense war against the villains, Izuku Midoriya, his companions and the Pro Heroes now seem on the verge of giving up. The arrival of one of the Big Three on the battlefield in episode 6x11 of My hero academy He awakened the hope of the protagonists, later another companion joined them, more explosive than ever.

Justified "threads of hopeThe twelfth episode of the new season showcases the heroes' collective commitment to responding to the overwhelming power of the villains, due both to the strength of Shigaraki, the destruction sown by Gigantomachy, and the recent revelation of Dabi. the Endeavor paralyzed. Deku, deeply tested by the clashes and with wounds all over his body, is unwilling to face the leader of the Paranormal Liberation Front again, and for that it will take Best Jeanist and Lemillion Only rely on Lida, Nejire, and Bakugo.

And it's Kacchan himself who steps in by showing off a new way of using his Quirk for the first time. Named by himself clusters, Bakugo is now able to condense his sweats into more powerful and faster punches that take the form of a luminous trail, as you can see in the images of the episode shown in the post below. Apparently Bakugo is not yet able to use this new technique on command, but can only activate it to save Izuku. What do you think of the new capacity that Bakugo has achieved? Let us know in the comments.

Finally, we remember that during the episode Bakugo also revealed his name as a hero and we leave you with the new illustration of the home video version of season 6.

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