The intensity of the struggles that characterize the sixth season of My hero academy led to memorable scenes in which both heroes and villains played crucial roles. Some of them have even earned MVP honors, like a creepy young villain in the latest episode.

After Shield, Pro Hero rescuing fellow Eraserhead from the grip of a Nomu on his deathbed, and Kirishima managing to save Ashido from the devastation of Gigantomachia, this time it was recognition as MVP Himiko toga. Hawks' betrayal and the assassination of Twice, Villain, who had allowed the Pro Hero to carry out his infiltration mission into the enemy ranks, left a deep mark on Toga, who harbors an immense grudge against the heroes and decides to find out more about what makes them special act like that.

Toga ponders Twice's death and begins to wonder why people who are called heroes act like this, and for this he goes to the battlefield in hopes of finding out. It is a touching moment in which the girl relives her friend's farewell and for this reason, as you can see in the video shown above, she was chosen Episode 123 MVPtenth of the sixth season of the anime.

Finally, remembering that Toga Ochaco attacked Uraraka, to better understand the heroes, we leave you the trailer for episode 6x11 of My Hero Academia.

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