Public safety has been dealt a serious blow in Chainsaw Man 1x08. Makima was killed on the way to Kyoto, and the other devil hunters, including those from the Fourth Division, were attacked by mysterious figures armed with guns. in the Chainsaw Man 1x09 the Devil Chainsaw counterattacks.

Despite resorting to his secret weapon, the Devil's Curse, Aki suffered total defeat and was only saved thanks to the curse sacrifice of Himeno, who gave herself completely to the phantom devil. This too proved insufficient as Katana Man was saved by his companion who was able to summon the Snake Devil. Just before he died Himeno confides in Denji his last hopes of rescuing Aki.

In Chainsaw Man 1x09 the Diavolo Chainsaw has finally come into action, ready to challenge Katana Man and avenge his partner's death. However, Denji allows himself to be taunted by his opponent, who slices him clean with a lightning-fast jerk.

Aboard the Shinkansen, Makima traveled on, her assassins plotting her escape. After a while the train is a bloodbath: Makima is alive and her killers are dead. Later, from afar, we see her ripping apart those who dared to defy public safety. One by one, the antagonists die, all except for the katana man and the snake woman, who thanks to Arai manage to escape Kobeni's attack. Due to the crisis, Divisions 1, 2, and 3 are merged into the Fourth, with Makima as its commander. Apparently, however, Makima knew about the attack.

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